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August 07, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

I live in the most boring small town! 

As a result, I do what the neighbors do:  I hide out and watch cable tv until cocktail hour and then I move on towards other things, like the recliner. I'm asleep before ten and up any number of times reading to force myself back to sleep. That's my life in a small town.

I shopped on ebay and bought a Panasonic DMC-LX7, an older camera, but the price was right -- somewhere around $125 plus tax and shipping. This camera has a Leica lens and while it is only 10 mp, it is good enough. Newer versions just don't make dollar sense for me.  I'm not making billboards and the types of shots I'd take with it are not going to be monumental or used for anything more than times when I want to travel incognito. There are better and worse cameras. This one shoots raw and I repeat, it has a Leica lens.

I own an LX5 which is long and lean in the tooth. The old lady is on her last leg, but she has served me well. She's an old friend, but  I can no longer shoot manual with her. This little LX5 swung from my neck like a fashion accessory in many situations. Nobody really cared about a little old camera on my neck. I imagine that they perceive me as an amateur and can't really see what I'm aiming at. I more or less look like a fool!  Hence, the reason I would want a smaller camera again. However, I don't want to spend nearly a thousand dollars for one which shoots raw. Both the LX5and the LX7 shoot raw. 

Understood: I could use my iphone and I do have a great iphone, but it seems to lack for me that photography experience. Remember, I like to shoot manual mode most of the time. The little camera gives me the option.

The LX7 arrived today and I took it on a walk around a long block. I made some new friends. People didn't mind the fact that I had my little "ninja" camera in hand. This is quite different from trying to shoot with a regular dslr which might take "better" pictures, but it can be so "in your face." If you are into "drive  by," a dslr shot from a car or from some sort of cover is fine, but on the peds, you might want to be more discreet. You might find that being on foot might afford you more interaction with people and that can add to your experience.

I made a couple of new friends. I have been invited to join a couple of ladies for lunch at the roach coach. Given that I tend toward hermit life, I thought I'd seize the opportunity to socialize with them in the future. They were enjoyable company. They said that they have seen street photographers on youtube and thought that photographers in your face were allowed even when people didn't like it.  I explained that there is a code - some things you don't do. In fact, if they objected to having their picture taken, I had no issue with deleting the photograph.  Later on, I met a couple of guys working on a building renovation in town. We shook hands, exchanged names, had some good conversation. 

While it feels like nothing happens in this little town, the goal was to get out on a walk and to practice shooting because if I don't shoot, I get rusty. If I don't get out, I also lose the opportunity I might have to meet interesting people.  Addressing the practice part of it, wasn't it easier to grab a little camera for twenty minutes versus planning my day at dawn to catch the right light over the hills? The truth is that nothing happens in this town. Nothing at all.

And that might be worth shooting!


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