Journal: Living In The Country

March 23, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

It used to take me forty-five minutes to drive six miles to work when I lived in L.A., but I was used to it and the freedom of living an urban life was well worth it. In Upstate New York, it can take me forty-two minutes to drive one way to the UPS store to drop off a package and the choices I have to find things to occupy my time are limited or challenging.  While everyone is fleeing my beloved state, I have to pass along that 45 years of urban living is an adjustment even after six years in Upstate New York.


In the city, boredom was seldom an issue. I would get into my car, drive to downtown L.A. and shoot architecture and street photography. Most photographers in this area shoot birds and butterflies and they are very happy with that.


I cringe!


When I first moved here, I drove my best friend, Roger, to the Adirondacks. He asked me when we would get to the mountains and I confessed that "we are here." They did not rival the High Sierra by any stretch.  


Yesterday, I was looking at the camera that I  bought at the top of this year and wondered why I didn't get out and shoot much anymore. It is easy to set up a little studio in the bedroom and play with lights and ratios, but it's not the same.  I have been missing those spontaneous times when I was able to get up and go any where at any time. I could walk a couple of blocks and have some awesome urban night photography. Presently, my downtown looks like a ghost town and it acts like one, too. 


My first love has always been street photography, but now I complain that there can be a shortage of people to shoot. People who visit L.A. complain that people don't get out of their cars, but there are people -- millions of them. You will run into many at some point, some time becuase they do get out of their cars. 


My energy is shifting and that might not be a bad thing. At forst. there was a narrowing of my vision  and accompanying frustration. When I left LAX and thought that the airport in Syracuse was nothing more than a driveway. I had to be reloaded to a prop jet in order to get here.


When we find interesting people, they are wonderful! All people in all situations are exciting to photograph and their candid capture is always a gift.  The opportunities are not as numerous, but when they come, they are surely appreciated.


In closing, here is the word for today:  Grattitude. 

Seek and you will find.



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