Journal: Today Is Supposed To Be Tax Day

March 22, 2021  •  Leave a Comment


Today is supposed to be "tax day" and most of my papers are in order and waiting for the appropriate time to be piled into proper slots for the accountant. 


I had a couple of errands to run and I took my lensbaby composer pro ii with the sweet 50 to the cemetery to photograph the obvious. It is a subject I've overdone in the past, but it was quick and convenient. The upshot was that most of the shots I took in the cemetery were those of things laying on the ground, not in the ground. My camera would lack the necessary technology to do that, but of course, it would give new meaning to selective focus.


Don't get me wrong. I surely photograph a lot of nature and I get mightily sick of doing that. I used to be a people photographer and I miss it, especially since I moved from a big city to a small town. My life embraces the cats indoors, the cats outdoors and the garden. My neighborhood is almost rough, so there are a lot of characters moving about, but that doesn't mean the best of them would allow me to take photographs.  


I walked a bit up and down the sidewalk. The spring weather is making the day refreshing and the house next door has several people on the front porch. I talked a little bit. I pulled the camera out and did some flower shots in their pretty garden and then I started to aim the camera at them, not knowing how they would take to it, but they did.  The magic was in printing out the pictures and giving them to the group. 

They were happy. I was happy to work with the lensbaby,

Geez, I want to do more portraits. Flowers always show up. People ... well ... that's a harder capture. 



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