Putting A Twist On Things

April 11, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I bought a bunch of lensbabies with my covid check, getting excited about the oncoming spring after a long, hermetic winter with the pandemic. I wanted to do something creative and different and lensbaby called out my name.  I dunno. I could go home with my head hanging low, figuring that I should stick with the lenses I have. I looked at some of my macro shots that I took with my traditional macro lens and they were ordinary. If I haven't said it before, then let me state that I want to spend some time in the lensbaby environment and journal it.


This experience is not without its challenges!


I looked at the lensbaby photos and they were sketchy with the exception of a few. "They say" that there is a learning curve.  OK, I'll accept that. So here's the story attached to this photograph:


I was shooting in an old, isolated cemetery. This is the back road in the cemetery leading out. I've been in there before and it's spooky. Once you get on this route, you are never sure where it takes you or when you will get out of there. If there is mud and you get stuck, there isn't anyone who will come to your immediate rescue. You worry about what will jump out at you when you are inside of this path.


The cemetery is, overall, eerie. When you hear wild life step on a stick, your radar goes up. I've been jarred by a deer jumping out of the woods, only to disappear before I could get a camera on it.


So, there I was with nobody around, walking among some very old trees and cemetery stones. This place has a lot of rich people from back in the day and by that I mean the 1800s and some from the 1700s and some from last week. 


I spotted a very old fir tree with wild violets growing under it: purple violets and white violets. I wanted to take some of the white violets home because they were unusual and, afterall, they were wild - God's children find homes wherever they will. The birds were chirping softly. There was nobody around. I didn't have a spade, but there was a screw driver in the car.


As soon as I attempted to dig out a little plant, the birds went wild. I mean, they were screaming wild. I felt like I was in a horror movie.  Who says cemeteries aren't haunted. 


The lensbaby was giving me that dream-like visual that I could show you of something I'd see in my sleep while I was awake. 


This photograph was shot with the lensbaby twist 60 straight lens on Canon Mark IV


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