Stay In Your Own Lane

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I was reading a book, written by a UFO researcher and he cautioned that either you have the gift of vision or you don't. Those who can see do see and those who don't will not. If you think that Ouija board will help, he said, put it down. You don't know what or who from the spirit world will latch on to you.

I grew up with psychics all around me. I lived in a haunted house and my mother travelled with her poltergeist. My grandmother on my father's side and her mother (my grandmother and great grandmother) came from the era that was still attached to or attracted to Spiritualism.

It's a funny thing.

Take a minute and go back to a time when the room hosted a medium, a three legged table and people sitting in the dark, holding hands around that table. They were all waiting for Uncle Chester to come along and reveal where he hid his mother's diamond ring. The table would shake. Something on a string would fly quickly through the room. Was that the cat?  Is that the cat screaming or ... 

Or, what was it?

There are documented cases of things actually happening.

Chester might have arrived in due course, but in most seances, he wasn't going to tell a whole lot . It was a prevailing mystery becasue, of course, you'd want to have another paying gig for the medium to answer part two of your question. If you have a spirit guide, you'd want to know that they were well connected and not just giving out generalities. Chester might be held by a string by an imposter medium or he came compliments of something else from "the other side." We don't know. He didn't sit and stay for a while to confirm much of anything. He wasn't always big on words and he wasn't known to stay around for a while even when he was alive, but .  

All too often, disappointed seekers of spirit world contact were left with too many holes dug up in the back yard and torn up attics, looking for whatever was said. Cable television is loaded with great serials that get you close but no cigar. 

I moved back to "the haunted house," and although mother and her poltergeist are gone, there is still bats in the belfry which I had removed last month. Something lives up there and I am challenged to frequently remind it to stay in its own lane. I would like to ignore it, but when we tore down the walls of my bathroom in the remodel of this 1858 house, it made its energy known. I had a sense of it or would you call that a superstition. My overly active mind tells me to never sleep in the dark. If I had the power or the gift of seeing, I'd rather not.

Spiritualism has been a major activity to my geographic part of the world. We have loads of history here. Spiritualism was born here and I live in the Burned Over District of Upstate New York.  I live about an hour and a half from Palmeyra, NY which is where John Smith was given the golden tablets, the genesis of the Mormon Church. A few years later, the Spiritualism movement, which went worldwide, started in "the Burned Over District of Upstate New York."  Down the road on Route 46 heading south, you will come into contact with the Spirit House, a worn out thing that looks like a wedding cake from the era. Lots of stuff went on inside in its heyday. Its current guardian is a crazy woman who will not let you take photographs of it from the street, but it is on the national monument list. I wonder how she ever let that happen. This is an interesting place.

A few days ago, I met a couple of women in the fields of a farm who told me they have been seeing 'things" in the night that fly about, walk about and all of that. I  took a wrong turn with I was looking for the tomato stand when I came upon them. I came home tomato-less, but filled with stories that had my mind cranking.  The women had read books I have read. They had stories, lots of them and then they vanished in the rear view mirror almost as quickly as they appeared. 




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