28 MOONS | Pricing & Services

Louise Brooks

Photos are copyrighted by the photographer and are distributed with licensing durations, based on terms of your contract.

Full copyright may be purchased at an additional fee.



Photography involves work both on site and then post processing for publication on-line or in corporate materials.

Real estate photography is based on location and project size and required turn around time. Basic residential real estate shoots start at $175. Bulk client work will have the opportunity to work out a discount or negotiated contract for continued field projects.

Video tours are also available.

​Corporate photography is based upon project size and may include  site or office photographs, panoramas or portraiture.   Pricing is either by project requirements or per diem with possible travel expenses to the site. 

​Payment for services is due upon completion and delivery of the work. 


Portraits are set up in house or on location.  Sitting fees start at $250 and prints are sold separately in packages, specials or a la carte.  Time and talent involved requires not only time in front of the camera, but also below the line with photographic processing. Prices will be affected by additional retouching, digital backgrounds - green screening or fine art rendering.

​​A deposit is required at the time of the booking and the remainder sitting fee is due upon the date of the scheduled sitting. 

​Cancellations must be made 7 days prior to the session.  Refunds will not be given if the cancellation is not made within 78 hours of the scheduled shooting date. A follow up proofing session will be scheduled for review and ordering prints. ​Print orders must be paid for before delivery of the finished photos.