Sizes available: cropped view full view: 8x12, 12x18
REF W1870-EE


Editioned prints as they become available will be priced accordingly.  Editions will be pigment prints in a given size in only one edition of ten prints. Two artist proofs will be reserved for the artist's own purpose.

The Train Series

This series will be retired as my artistic journey moves along, but I am currently keeping it available in non-editioned prints since it has been a popular series. When presented at local shows, prints are matted. When ordered directly through this site (via email), prints will be unmatted and priced accordingly.

Order directly through the artist:

email [email protected] or phone 424-214-1966

10am-4pm EST Mon-Friday

Print Size Mat Size  Price 
8x10 11x14 $40
8x12 12x16 $42
11x14 16x20 $60
11X17 16X20 $65
12X18 18X24 $80
6X6 SQUARE (FLORAL) 10X10 $30
8X8 SQUARE (FLORAL) 12X12 $35