Fine Art prints are produced printed by me using pigment ink and quality fine art papers. Prints are archival and signed. 

Sizes are determined based upon the aspect ratio of the photograph taken, but in some cases where a small panorama was taken to create an extended image, prints will be sized to 11x14 inches.  

Shipment of frames and mats can lead to dings in good quality materials and so I leave those finishing options to you and your local framing shop. Matting and framing are subjective. You know your decor, your tastes and your art collection. Your local framer can assist and lend some expertise through your creative finishing process.



Train photographs are not fine art prints, but rather a line that I created for train lovers in my travels. These prints are sold un-matted on line and at a reduced price because they are printed on standard luster photo paper. They have been sold historically matted  or matted and framed at shows where the prices reflected the extra materials used.

Train photos allow cropping. Please be advised that when you crop, you should not try to zoom in on the image to bring up a smaller element.  Doing so could cause a loss of resolution.  Sometimes it's better to have a full 3:2 aspect ratio (the same as the camera) in order to get the full force of the picture.  



Please contact me regarding any inquires regarding licensing and please put the word licensing into the subject line.